My name

Accrochage diplome

Unique I am, not because born only child I am.
Born on a 1983 winter afternoon
Under a good star. It was the first snow of the winter
In my town. Thought my parents would choose
First name related to snow flake, name would rather mean
"Bamboos in the dawn", that tricked me into thinking
For many years that I was born in the morning
Name means:
Morning sun bathing bamboos, I grew up strong.


Born and raised in China, after graduation fron Shenyang university, I have decided to study further in France. I spend 6 years there, improving my french language and following the french academic art study. I lived the french students' live, faced the 'administration' burden and also travelled europe. To finance my stay, I had summer and student jobs such as cook aid in a small restaurant, picking fruits in the loom or sorting fruits for a farm. Along all those years, I shared the everyday live with other students from china and abroad, creating a colorful community that influenced my vision of the country I lived in.


Ecole Supérieur d'Art et de Design Marseille-Mediterranée
Master in design, and art
Toulouse-Mirail University
Applied Art courses
Institut Catholique de Toulouse
French course for foreigners


North-East University, Shenyang
Bachelor in design, cum laude
Born in Shenyang, a northern chinese city and capital of Liaoning province


August 2013:
The 8th China Sports Arts Exhibition, Shenyang
Selected in China to be displayed with 200 others pieces of art for the Art Exhibition associated with the 12th National Games event organized in Shenyang


  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Digital painting
Accrochage diplome

Archived events

  • September 2013: Hourah! Look at me on the Liaoning TV news. I have attended the opening of the Art Exhibition of the 12th National Games in Shenyang. And you can also see the canvas I have provided for the Art Exhibition.
  • August 2013: I did some real work. See my latest painting ( go to "In Progress"). Do you like it? Let me know.
  • May 2013: There is an article about my paintings in the 12th national games (Liaoning2013) journal: "Fierce Winds" bring flowers and birdsong.
  • March 2013: Thou Shall Work, so do I. Therefore I am also an art professor in a Shenyang university.
  • Dec 2012: First of all, happy december 21st 2012. Appointment taken for a Merry Christmas on 25th... But Where? I have not yet found the celebration place
  • Nov 2012: On this remembrance day, I am leaving and back to China. I have a strange and mixed feeling, It will not last long, I am Xiaoxiao ... Oh, France ...
  • June 2012: I have passed the final exam of l'école des Beaux Arts de Marseille with honors and I am graduated. Many thanks to my master of art and to the jury.
  • Sept 2008: I am moving to Marseille as I have been accepted for a master in design at the 'école des Beaux Arts'.